Are phone apps to blame for the spike in traffic fatalities?

After a consistent decline over the past forty years, traffic fatalities have spiked in 2015. Recent statistics for this year are even worse. During the first half of 2016, highway fatalities have increased over 10 percent from last year. These numbers are truly alarming traffic safety analysts. They are trying to discover the cause for a sudden jump in traffic deaths.

Texting and driving has been the decade old scapegoat for distracted driving-related crashes. While texting is still a serious problem, experts are suspecting a different cause for traffic accidents. Phone apps are now a prime suspect for the spike in traffic deaths.

With the rise of Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and navigation apps, many drivers are keeping their eyes on the screen rather than on the road. Snapchat has been notorious for encouraging phone use while driving. The app contains a filter which clocks your current speed and has been linked to serious car accidents.

In September of last year a teenager in Atlanta used Snapchat to record driving 113 miles per hour in her vehicle. She crashed with an Uber driver, sending him to the hospital and resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The Uber driver is currently seeking compensation for his injuries with the help of an attorney. Could this behavior have been prevented if the teen did not have access to the speed filter while driving? Likely so.

Is hands-free technology the answer?

Hands-free technology has been introduced to remove the danger of distracted driving. Now modern vehicles are equipped with the capability to text and place calls with the sound of your voice. This new technology is still being testing for its ability to reduce distractions. A recent study has shown that hands-free vehicle technology is still a distraction. The technology is error prone, especially speech-to-text. Drivers can get frustrated and lose concentration on the road.

Even if hands-free vehicle technology becomes seamless it is likely that many drivers will still reach for their phones anyway. The temptation of checking a notification, browsing the internet, and playing with apps is still present. While analysts try to find an answer many car accident victims are left feeling angry and helpless to this dangerous trend. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a distracted driving car accident then contact an attorney to help you seek compensation.

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