Will new distracted driving laws make roads safer?

A new law targeting distracted driving in California went into effect in January. Aimed at curbing cell phone, the goal of the law is to keep drivers focused on the road and reduce the number of accidents.

The question is, how big a difference will the law make?

There’s no doubt that distracted driving is one of the biggest dangers on the road. Just think how often you see a driver with their eyes on their phone on your daily commute.

The new law is one of the strictest in the nation, and bars drivers from holding a phone in their hand while operating a vehicle. However, some experts are concerned that using a phone at all, hands-free or otherwise, is the real danger. The argument is that it doesn’t just matter what your hands are doing, it matters what your brain is doing.

If you are focused on having a phone conversation or using voice activation functions, you aren’t concentrating on driving.

At the core of the argument for strict distracted driving laws are alarming statistics, including these:

  • 3,400 people died in distracted driving accidents in 2015.
  • Of those deaths, 272 were teenagers.

It’s easy to see how dangerous distracted driving can be. More states are moving toward adopting laws to curb the dangerous habit. However, even with strict laws like the new one in California, the impact remains to be seen.

Using a phone while driving is dangerous, and unless people focus completely on the road, accidents will continue to happen.

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