Prepare your child for a long hospital stay

Your life changes when you have a child. You learn to love and nurture like never before. You might argue that the worst part of being a parent is when your child is sick. You never want to see your child sick or in pain. It can be heartbreaking. It is especially hard knowing that there is nothing you can do about it besides get them medical care.

If your child becomes ill or injured due to negligence, it can be even more gut-wrenching—especially if the party at fault is a medical professional you trusted.

If your child is set to endure a long hospital stay, you may feel extra pressure and stress to help make your child feel better.

You can do these things to help make the stay more comfortable for your child:

  • Bring some pictures from home to display in their hospital room. You will want to give them pictures to look at that will help them feel the comfort of home.
  • Pack comfortable clothes for them to wear. Bring a soft robe and slippers. Pack your child’s favorite comfy pants. You will want clothing that is loose and comfortable. Make sure that you bring items that your child can utilize—keeping any surgeries, IV’s or other treatments in mind.
  • Make the bed with a pillow and blanket from home. Pick something that will be special for your child and make being in bed more comfortable.
  • Select a comfort companion for your child. This can be a stuffed animal, trinket or blanket that brings your child joy.
  • Music can be stimulating. Consider an MP3 player, stereo, ipod or other music playing device. Load it up with your child’s favorite tunes.
  • Provide your child with some sort of hobby to keep them occupied. If they like to read, pack books. Paper and crayons, a journal or approved electronic devices can help the time pass.

You can help your child by being there for them. You will want to ask questions so that you understand procedures and medications. Introduce and familiarize yourself with the staff.

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