Simple injuries can trigger severe infectious diseases

If someone suffers an injury, they might expect that the damage is done and they will steadily recover. Unfortunately, some problems still get worse. The injury could expose them to a disease.

Depending on the injury itself, you may need to go to the emergency room immediately. Consult a doctor and properly clean any wounds to protect against infection. Untreated wounds and sicknesses can cause more damage than the original injury itself.

Types of injuries that may cause disease

Diseases can travel between animals and insects. If an infected pet bites a human, the illness can transfer. This is a common way that rabies spreads, which is fatal unless treated before the symptoms begin.

Open wounds can also become septic with germs. Bacteria and viruses may enter the body directly through the cut. An infection at the wound's site can quickly spread to the rest of the body along the bloodstream.

Poor food storage and preparation may expose diners to dangerous bacteria or even parasites. Some forms of food poisoning are mild, but other cases can make a person violently ill. Hepatitis A and Salmonella are two examples of food-related diseases.

Are you especially vulnerable?

As with many illnesses, infants, children, pregnant women and elders are more likely to develop complications from an injury or illness. These groups of people frequently have delicate immune systems that make them more susceptible to viral and bacterial attacks.

Preexisting conditions can also increase the chances of becoming dangerously sick. Anything that reduces your immune system, including certain medications, puts you at a higher risk for developing critical issues.

Is someone responsible for complications?

Whether the injury was accidental or deliberate, someone else may be at fault for the extra problems as well. For example, a neighbor who fails to keep their dog vaccinated may be legally liable for a victim's rabies following a bite attack. Similarly, restaurants and their suppliers must handle food according to health regulations.

Sadly, some of these diseases may be permanent or deadly. A court can hold negligent parties accountable for the original injury plus its unforeseen consequences. If a victim or their surviving family member is able to prove that another person's actions caused these serious complications, they may win benefits to help with physical and emotional recovery.

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