Is summer the most dangerous time of year for driving?

Without snow, rain and other extreme weather to challenge drivers, summer should be one of the easiest times to be on the road.

However, that simply isn’t the case. Some of the most dangerous driving months are when the temperatures are highest. August and July are some of the deadliest months for traffic fatalities, but what makes summer so dangerous?

Road construction season

We’ve all seen the orange safety cones that back up traffic for miles. Summer is peak construction season across the country. Even in California, where a lot of road work can go on year-long, summer tends to feature more construction.

In construction zones, clear signage can be replaced by temporary instructions. Drivers can get distracted or easily confused by the extra activity.

Vacation drivers

Locals tend to understand where the tricky curves are on the road, or which hills require a soft touch. Someone on vacation? Not so much.

Summer is the time for road trips, which leads to many drivers traversing unfamiliar areas, usually with impatient children in the car. Worse still, many of these drivers are going to be taking in the scenery as they drive, which may cause them to bring traffic to a crawl.

Vacation driving can lead to some boneheaded driving and avoidable mistakes behind the wheel.

Teen drivers

With school out, teens have a lot more free time for part-time jobs or other activities. That translates to more time on the road. As teenagers are a higher risk for accidents than almost any other group, it means our roads get considerably less safe as these inexperienced drivers spend more time on them.

In addition to more time on the road, chances are they will be traveling in groups which can add another layer of distraction to an already inexperienced driver.

Preparing for the worst

Summer driving can be enjoyable, but it’s important to understand what risk factors exist in our warmer months. If you are involved in an accident, consulting an attorney can be a good first step in your recovery.

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