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Most personal injury lawsuits end at the settlement negotiation table and never proceed to trial. While the trial value of a Bakersfield personal injury claim will likely eclipse the possible settlement value, reaching a speedy resolution in a settlement is beneficial to all parties.

Our attorneys have the negotiating skills and legal acumen to maximize our clients’ recoveries at the settlement phase, and defense firms in the areas know our firm’s reputation for success with jury verdicts. This inherently encourages more amicable settlement negotiations with our clients.

skilled with settlement

The assumed cost of legal representation unfortunately deters many people from seeking legal counsel when they need it most. The Law Office of Curtis Floyd operates under a contingency fee billing structure. This means a client does not pay any legal fees until we win his or her case.

Our firm knows that after an accident, the last thing the average person wants to worry about is the cost of hiring an attorney. We offer transparent billing, so our clients know exactly what to expect from every case.

Contingency Fees

Insurance companies have no obligation to act in a policyholder’s or claimant’s best interests; they exist to make money and paying claims runs counter to their goals.

When insurance companies attempt to lowball claimants or take advantage of unwary policyholders, our firm can hold them accountable and encourage fairer negotiations with our clients.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The average person will not be able to handle a legal claim unassisted while recovering from an injury. Missing a filing deadline or other requirement could have a case thrown out before it even approaches trial.

The Bakersfield injury attorneys at Law office of Curtis Floyd know how to meet the court’s strict filing requirements, so our clients can focus on recovery.

Navigating a Complex System

The Law Office of Curtis Floyd consults with leading experts, researchers, and investigators around the country to thoroughly research the facts of every case we take.

Our firm coordinates timely and efficient investigations for our clients’ claims, so we can retain as much evidence as possible, because most physical evidence deteriorates quickly. We make every effort to obtain and preserve as much evidence as possible as quickly as possible in every case.

Prompt and Thorough 

Building a lawsuit is just one aspect of recovering from a personal injury. Our attorneys know the various devastating effects an injury can have on your life and have experience with a wide variety of civil claims in California.

We want our clients to thoroughly understand their options and to make informed decisions about their compensation. Our attorneys are committed to providing the best representation possible in every personal injury case.

Helping our Clients with Important Decisions
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